Deep Detroit, Harmonica Shah’s debut release in 2000 on UK label Bluetrack Records was an important album which brought him to international attention for the first time. Here it is now reissued for the first time by Blues Archive.

Detroit’s legendary Harmonica Shah is soulfully powerful as he sings with an authentic jagged-edged voice. His licks on the harp deliver highly charged sound with each breath. Harmonica Shah is backed by Detroit guitarist Howard Glazer who delivers modern high energy playing that seems to speak to you with every chord.

Deep Detroit is the kind of recording rarely heard today – straight blues. It contains no overdubs and no second chances so what you hear is authentic-raw energy and drive, the real thing, the blues.

John Clark of the London Times said “just when you think the blues has no more surprises, out springs Harmonica Shah who has been blowing and singing for years in Detroit but has had to wait until now to show off his undoubted skills on record”