Larry Garner

Larry Garner – ‘Born To Sang The Blues’ – JSP 5803 

Larry Garner is probably the greatest Blues artist of his generation – a superb songwriter with lyrics the like of which you will not hear elsewhere, a stylish guitarist, a distinctive singer with an amazing ability to blend together the deep roots of blues in Louisiana with just enough contemporary edge and feel to be completely relevant to his time.

He made his first two albums for JSP and they are stone classics. He then went on to make a series of acclaimed albums for others. And yet…it’s the live shows which Larry’s loyal following love and adore. There are people who will follow him across Europe or travel across several States. Why? Because, in addition to Larry’s wonderful music and his soulful truth telling, his rapport with and talking to the audience is unique. I haven’t seen the like with any other artist. It’s warm, it’s insightful, it’s heartfelt and in a very clever and subtle way always matches the audience that he has in front of him – Larry’s forever thinking about what he’s doing…

So this set, very professionally filmed and edited by Paul Reed and the Blues Archive team is, at last, a historical document of Larry’s live performances from the 1990’s.

Historical document?! But it’s also entertaining, fun and most of all, the deepest blues you could ever hope to see. Just as Larry’s shows today continue to be all that – but with another bunch of songs that Larry continues to write and another set of tales. Do not miss him! I will continue to wonder why he isn’t a star, or a household name, at least in hip households…


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