ABS (France) magazine 2015

Good Rockin’ Tonight – 9th Burnley Blues Festival 1997 – JSP5805

Blues Archive, founded in 1994 by Paul Reed (BBC), Bob Webber, and Amanda Palmer, makes available exclusive footage of concerts and interviews previously left to collect dust in old archives. Working together with John Stedman’s JSP Records label in London, this excellent DVD introduces us to a handful of entertaining blues artists relatively unknown to many. This DVD has it all. From white artists such as Texas guitarist TW Henderson; Sam Payne performing boogie woogie piano and solo vocals; singer and slide guitarist String Dazzler; Connie Lush, a blonde bomb-shell performing country blues, cigarette in hand; The Mighty 45s; Jet Martin; John Pearson – to black blues talents such as singer and pianist Howard McCrary whom performs accompanied by a white RnB style saxophonist, and Herbie Goines who takes the stage backed by the Norman Beaker Band. The DVD goes through the artists one by one, presenting a single one of each of their, often, rather short songs.

Some performances are interspersed with interviews, which are extremely interesting for the spectator and the DVD also includes several more famous artists such as an outstanding blues rendition by Barrence Whitfield; Eric Bibb performing a duo; Joe Louis Walker on top of his game with one of the best pieces of the DVD; Johnny Mars performing alongside the Norman Beaker Band; an original performance by the Holmes Brothers and, as the finale, a heartfelt interpretation of 30 days (in jail is a long time…) by Angela Brown who spins and twirls around stage mesmerising the audience with her powerful vocals creating a stunning close to the show.