Soul Bag 2014

Translation of Review by Philippe Pretet

Louisiana-born Larry Garner is probably the best bluesman of his generation. This is the compliment paid him by John Stedman of London’s JSP Records, a heck of a visionary and discoverer or rare talents.

Larry Garner is indeed, a very talented artist who pursues his music between tradition and modernity.

A raconteur and true ethnologist, he observes the escapades of his contemporaries and puts them to music.

Likeable, affable – even colourful- Larry Garner leaves an indelible mark as he continues to advance his prolific recording career.

The present work was filmed and put together by Paul Reed and the Blues Archive team during the 1990s.

A brilliant performer, and wielding an obvious influence on his public, Larry Garner, with his expressive mimicry is, as usual, excellent in his role as story-teller in each of his recollections.

The titles chosen are each of an excellent standard, notably the hilarious ‘Jook Joint Woman’ and profound ‘The Preacher Man’ The title-piece ‘Born to Sang the Blues’ that tells his life story is, on its own, enough reason to buy this DVD which is superbly filmed with remarkably high-quality sound.

Many bonus tracks are also there to treat you, such as the very intimate interview relating to a pivotal turning point in his life.